Album by DJ Flubbel

About us

Our main goal is to inspire people with the Gospel using modern electonic music. Our core message is simple: "God loves you; whatever you did wrong in your life. He wants to help you. He is waiting for you with open arms; and you always get a second chance!"

DJ Flubbel (NL)
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Bonus Track artists:
- Jamo & Phase
- Karlizimo
- Xonar
- D-Morphian

If you want to support us: Buy or stream our album and spread the word! For example by sharing our trailer/music with your friends (via social media or soundcloud)! Many thanks goes out to all people who help us promoting and sharing our music. We hope and pray that many new young people will be reached by the gospel. Special thanks goes out to G&D Records, for their great support and to Jordan Riley, Taylor Wood, Casey and Jaci Flynt for recording the vocals!