Christian Hardstyle Remix Project

By: DJ Flubbel feat. Coroxxon, Exodus Project, Resonant Force, The WLF, Stryptic, Karlizimo and D-Morphian

About us

We are 7 different artists from all over the world. We have 2 important things in common: our love for hardstyle music and our love for Christ. Our goal is to share some of that love and inspire people with the Gospel using modern hardstyle music.
DJ Flubbel (NL)
I am from the Netherlands and have been producing music for more than 20 years. I released 4 albums and had a couple of awesome gigs mainstage, including Sound of Heaven Festival, Graceland, Flavor Festival, the European Christian Artists Seminar and was booked at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). My style varies from Christian electronic dance (CEDM) to uplifting Christian hardstyle. All of my tracks contain a clear positive Christian message. My core message: "God loves you the way you are. He is waiting for you with open arms; and you always get a second chance!"
Fav. bible verse: Romans 8:38-39

Exodus Project (MX)
We are 4 united producers from Mexico with the desire to share the message of Jesus through electronic music, focusing on the most energetic genres such as Hardstyle, Rawstyle, Hardcore and Psy-trance, among others. With little more than 5 years of experience, we have participated in events as "Empapados de su Gloria", "Conectados IGNIS DEI 2017", "Jesus Room", "Youth Connection Camp", "One Love Party" and "Mi Deleite está en Ti". In 2017 we released our first EP "4TK" and in 2019 "Tu Eres Dios". The project is continuously growing, both technically and spiritually. The goal is to reach many people and to come together to the throne of Grace, to the love of Jesus.
Fav. bible verse: John 11:25
Website: Youtube Channel

The WLF (NL)
Hello! My name is Maarten Wolfsen, also known as the Hardstyle Producer "The WLF". Born in the Netherlands, I grew up with Hardstyle, but the style did not really grab my attention until I took a bet whether I could produce a Hardstyle track within 2 weeks. And now, almost 5 years later, making Hardstyle is my biggest passion and absolutely I love to do it! With this Christian Hardstyle Remix album, I hope to do my part in supporting and sharing the Word of God through electronic music!
Fav. bible verse: Titus 2:15
Website: Spotify

Stryptic (NL)
Hi! Iam Stryptic. I'm from the Netherlands, and I was born on June 22nd, 2000. I am a producer and I started making music in 2013. I love to make music and share it with the world.
Fav. bible verse: Proverbs 3:5-6
Website: Spotify

Coroxxon (GT)
In the end of 2017 God spoke to me and transformed my life. He had mercy on me. I decided to give Him my whole being. That's when I started the process of change, which included my thoughts, my attitude and more. I decided to produce music dedicated to God and give Him the glory. My first release was a remix that I did titled "The end" in which I wanted to capture how I imagined the last days of the earth would be as a form of reflection. From then until now, God, by His grace and mercy, is still is with me. I thank Him for giving me such a noble privilege of serving Him through hardstyle music.
Fav. bible verse: Philippians 1:6

D-Morphian (NL)
My name is Patrick de Calonne from the Netherlands. I started producing since 2005 under the name DutchPeanut. In 2006 I changed my artist name to D-Morphian. I've got four released tracks under the oldest gabber record-label "Point44 Records." My style is varies, including: Secular Hardcore, Christian Hardcore, Secular hardstyle, Christian Hardstyle, Tech-house and Trance.
Fav. bible verse: Psalm 23:4
Website: Youtube Channel

Karlizimo (USA/CHI)
My name is Karlos Urra. I am a Pastor and producer with 25 years of experience as a DJ. I was Born in Chile and have a Ministry for more than 10 years, training people in evangelism and social impact. I have traveled to more than 17 countries and 70 cities, educating in these areas of ministry. I'm part of the Stayto & Karlizimo Duo and work with Caleb Shaw (El Gringo Loco) in the DC RETO Project. With 12 years as Producer and 15 as Pastor, I guess I have earned a place in the Christian World in Latin America, and now, I focus on the USA. I have 20 year old son who is following in my footsteps as a EDM producer.
Fav. bible verse: Isaiah 55:5 and Psalm 37:4
Website: Facebook

Resonant Force (MX)
Originally from Hidalgo, Mexico, we are Resonant Force (formerly Resonance). We are part of a project that aims to share a different message through electronic music. Developing in genres such as Hardstyle, Psy-Trance, EDM, House, and Techno - all with a unique and characteristic style. We have collaborations with various artists within the CEDM scene such as: DJ Moisés, DJ Bachi, Samuel Zamora, Alex Chan, and Vlour, among others. Resonant Force is continuously growing, exploring and implementing new production techniques and new sounds with the sole purpose of sharing a special message: #JesusLovesUs.
Fav. bible verse: Exodus 33: 13-15
Website: Instagram

If you want to support us: Be sure to download or stream our album and please share our music with all your hardstyle friends! ♥